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UNIMEX Universal Maritime Elites Exchange

Since the financial crisis in the year of 2008,  maritime industry including offshore business has suffered a very negative investment return as a whole although some turn out to be outstanding.  In the meantime E-commerce and sharing economy including IOT and AI  have grown at an ever faster pace. Originating from such a prevailing environment, UNIMEX is set up to be the world largest partnership for maritime alumni thus a much desired maritime ecosystem is being cultivated for better shipping and better world in the long run.

UNIMEX.ORG LIMITED is a public company limited by guarantee, approved by local Government as a  non-profit organization, one of the rare and noble legal entities in maritime industry to answer the call of UN Global Compact and local governments national policy to promote maritime economy.

  • Unimex Video

    Short video is getting more and more popular nowadays. Unimex  is to share maritime alumni's  expertise by organizing annual Unimex forums and quarterly talks about various maritime related issues and topics and thereafter Unimex is further to share such short video online for easy reference. Millions of Unimex video are expected to be produced as a comprehensive online platform for learning and training, particularly for maritime industry.
  • Unimex Alumni

    Unimex global maritime university list is by now in good order with over 200 maritime universities worldwide. Millions of maritime alumni, students or graduates, are the most important driving force to build up the world largest maritime partnership for creating and sharing values.
  • Project Consultation

    Maritime investment information and relevant projects are to be shared to take advantage of Unimex's network resources. Upon request, Unimex professional members are to provide analysis report to help investors and project managers to make better decisions for the benefits of respective stakeholders.
  • Unimex Forum

    Unimex professional members is to share thoughtful insights about various maritime issues and topics on each and every aspects of maritime clusters. With a forged partnership among maritime alumni as its members worldwide, Unimex is to hold maritime forums and talks mainly at port cities as top international maritime centers worldwide including Singapore, London, Hongkong, Shanghai, Hamburg, Dubai, New York, Rotterdam, Tokyo, Athens and Busan.


· General:     unimex.org@gmail.com

· Unimex forum:     forum@unimex.org

· Feedback for chief editor:     editor@unimex.org

· Project for consultation:     project@unimex.org

· Job positions and candidates:     jobs@unimex.org

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